Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mentor finds a friend and a colleague: Green Bay Photographer

The Phuture Phoenix program is a program run at the UNiversity of Wisconsin-Green Bay that builds interest in college. Each year, hundreds of elementary and middle school students from all over the city of Green Bay are invited to the campus. Phuture Phoenix Mentors showcase the University to these young students, and show them what it can be like to go to college.

In this touching story, Kasey mentored Ka in the program and now Ka has chosen to attend UWGB. I photographed the two for a story on the UWGB website, and one of my shots will be on the cover of an educator magazine for UW campuses. I'll write more info on the magazine when it comes out. You can check out the actual story in a few days, and I'll post a link up. Thanks for looking!

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