Tuesday, March 31, 2009

so I got to "teach" the Intermediate Photo class at my school today. My professor had to lead some demos for the intro classes, so I got the responsibility of watching over her students working in the darkroom. It was pretty fun, our current students are pretty bright.
I also had some interesting expereinces/discussions lately. In an attempt to jumpstart my imagination again, I skipped class with some friends and went to Sheboygan to visist the J.M. Kohler Arts Center for several photography shows they are currently showing. it was quite fantastic, gave me some possible ideas.

Also, I had a long historical discussion about the lowering level of intelligence in our country, and wonder how many people my age actually realize that our president fired a C.E.O. of a private business. Hmmm...

Lastly, I wish I had $$ to go see this show at MOMA, but alas, I read about it on the NY Times website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well, I don't usually double post, but I wanted to post these photos. They may be stronger than I originally thought, so what the heck, have at 'em. I don't know what to title them yet, but I took these about 3 weeks ago.

Untitled, 60x20 Dye-sublimation Print. 2009

he's the man with teeth like god's shoeshine

last week was a pretty crazy week for me. I have been pretty busy trying to fit everything into my schedule, (who isn't?) and it was one of those weeks where it really paid off. Our school organization Art Agency brought Sam Davis in from California to talk and critique work from a few students (myself included).
Sam is a photographer/sculptor currently stationed in CA, check out his site: www.samdavisart.com. Anyways, it was great hanging with him, learning what he thought about things and experiencing his first time in wisconsin with him.
His work really inspired me to go back to shooting film, and in general to do everything that I have been afraid to do.
He also made me seriously question what I am doing with my art. I am still in the middle of that right now, seperating myself from my work and viewing it as a stranger as Sam put it.
I have been wondering what the light really is in my photographs, is it just a gimmick? Nobody has been saying this, but Sam hinted that it could happen, and I wonder if it already is. I have always been my own hardest critic, and I think that's a good thing. It forces me to keep working through the sludge, through the crappy work, so that hopefully someday soon I can get back to the really good stuff...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pukey the Convoluted Whale

So I had a series of frustrating accidents/failures in my first textile project, which was to represent a certain season. I chose to represent winter, as I really don't like Wisconsin winters, okay I hate Wisconsin winters.
I really wanted to make a creature to represent my hatred of winter, and yet my relief and gladness when it's over. My learning process brought me through frustrating knitting, cramped fingers, and felting my creature and watching it fall apart in the washer as I forgot a step.
I still kept going though, and came up with my friend Pukey.

Pukey came about as I refused to give up on my creation, and I gradually formed him into the beautiful installation he now is, awaiting grading in the textiles room. The photographs aren't great, but I plan on perfecting this idea and doing it in a larger scale, so look forward to those.