Wednesday, April 15, 2009

beat on the brat with a baseball bat

so, as you can tell I have been listening to the Ramones.
as well as all of sudden flaring childhood memories to mind, I was thinking about music as a whole and a history.

I think the Ramones were every bit as influential as Dylan, the Beatles, Arlo Guthrie etc. but what about now?

do we have an anthem? do we need an anthem?

generations have been carried by soul/country/rock & roll/punk etc.

but what do we have now, american idol? People who play at the American Fame Game?
why are we all sitting at home worrying about bills, and wishing we could live other people's lives, we don't have an anthem. popular music sucks, and something needs to happen.

maybe it's cake, or possibly the foo fighters? seriously though.

the cynic in me says nothing can change, but parts of me believe that music unites minds and revolutions.

who will shake the foundation next? or has everything been done?

everything can never have been done, because than nothing would be left, and if nothing were left we wouldn't be doing anything...

just imagine everybody not doing anything.