Thursday, July 23, 2009

trying somethin' new

so, I am trying some new stuff right now. Just took my moped and went scootin' around looking for interesting stuff to shoot. I got some cool location ideas for some night shots, so I'll see if I can round up a model and get some more art
going for once.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

boy scouts and brothers

so, this week tuesday I made a trip up north a bit to Mountain with my mom to visit my little brothers at their boy scout camp, Camp Bear Paw.

I wanted to do some cool shots of them, so I started with Brandon. Matthew is on staff this year and was selected for the Order of the Arrow ceremony. This is a sort of "elite" scouts or what have you. It was a sweet ceremony, with humungous bonfires, and rituals. Unless you're a scout you can't get to close so I had to make do, but got some cool pics anyways.

My brother Brandon with some sweet posed shots.

And here's Hero Matt

And last, but not least. The Order of the Arrow

This is Matt, he followed behind this guy...
...who "called out" the chosen scouts. Matt would escort them over to the
fire, and into line. Then those chosen have to spend the night out in the woods
in honor of old Native American traditions of becoming men. My brother Matt
was one of those chosen for the Order of the Arrow, so I am pretty stoked I got to
be there for this.